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Dedicated to fulfilling the complex needs of Electronic and Electromechanical Manufacturing projects. 

Established in Silicon Valley, San Jose California in 2013, Piranha Electronic Manufacturing is a provider of a unique lean-process, oriented towards printed circuit board assembly, electromechanical systems assembly, design support for quick turn prototyping through production release to after sales support. 

Our relentless drive to tailor SOLUTIONS for each client builds lasting partnerships. We connect an unmatched depth of end-to-end service support, technical abilities, manufacturing agility, know how, supply chain insights and scale to enable each client's success. CREDIBILITY, SPEED, IMPACT, OPPORTUNITY are the four cornerstones of our pursuit to success. 

Our Mission

Guided by a client-centered approach, Piranha mission is to fuse our client's vision and goals into our planning and delivery, creating environments and products as unique and diverse as each of our clients. 

Units delivered since founding in 2013
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Working during these challenging times.

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As pandemic safety restriction have evolved, electronic manufacturing is in full swing. We want to share with the community the strategies we’ve been implementing to help create a safe working environment. For every project, Piranha observes all protocols mandated by authorities having jurisdiction and/or OSHA regarding COVID-19 .  Piranha COVID-19 Protocol documents will be provided as a separate attachment for the client’s reference and input. Additional methods can be discussed and implemented by both Piranha and the client as deemed necessary. 


In addition to our commitment to be leaders in our industry, we proudly give back in the communities we serve. Piranha donates to organizations whose charter is the betterment of our future.  

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We are constantly on the lookout for key contributors to add to our team. We’re looking for innovative, collaborative, creative people to help drive our manufacturing culture to the next level.

For technical and non-technical people alike, PIRANHA is a place where you can make an impact. Innovative, adaptable people thrive here. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a unique manufacturing company run by founders with a proven track record of M&A, Divesture, and IPO activity.

If you have the desire, commitment and attitude, we will train and foster your future within the Electronics Manufacturing Industry. We offer a well-lighted, clean lab-type environment. Since our founding in 2013, a vast majority of those employees who started with Piranha are still with Piranha today. And a vast majority of those customers who started with Piranha in 2013, are still with us today. This is a testament to our culture. We aim to succeed.

We are a sales-driven company whose interest is to serve the customer but it’s really the people at Piranha that make Piranha the kind of company it is. We hire people who are passionate and determined, and we favor both ability and experience. Although Piranha shares common goals and visions with the customer, we are a company from all walks of life and speak many languages, reflecting the global audience that we serve. We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Our culture is designed to encourage interactions between and across teams, and to spark conversation with our customers such as to ensure continuity.